4 Effective Organic Remedies for Residential Pest Problems

Inarguably, at one point or another, almost every household experiences an infestation of a wide variety of pests that carry a host of infectious diseases. Getting rid of severe pest problems in a house can be immensely challenging for residents if they don’t take any effective action timely. You or anyone else in your family could fall ill if you do not do anything to check the growth of household pests.

Most homeowners resort to using toxic chemical-based pesticides and insecticides to eliminate pests. However, a large section of such homeowners fails to do so and ends up putting their and family members’ health at risk. If you are facing a tough time eliminating harmful insects and critters causing notable damage to your expensive belongings, avail professional Massachusetts pest control services.

An experienced pest exterminator can quickly and accurately identify pests in a house. Such a professional uses the right tools and eco-friendly pesticides to eradicate the entire population of dangerous household pests. To ensure you need not resort to a pest control company and invest in their services at frequent intervals, rely on certain home remedies for pest issues.

Here are some organic ingredients that can help you keep a pest infestation in your house at bay.

Essential Oils

You probably know that essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus help uplift a person’s mood instantly and refresh the air in a house. But did you know that top-grade essential oils play an instrumental role in eliminating disease-transmitting pests? Just add a few drops of a particular type of essential oil to water, mix and spray the solution directly on places where you spot pests and potential areas. You can easily prevent termites and bugs from infesting your house using essential oils.


There isn’t a more effective ingredient like vinegar when it comes to preventing fruit flies and ants from taking over and contaminating places where one cooks, stores and dines. It is one of the best natural cleansers. Ants hate the pungent odor of vinegar, and thus they do not dare to form navigation trails. Use vinegar as bait to catch and exterminate fruit flies.

Cucumber Skin

One of those very few vegetables with a bitter skin or outer layer is cucumber. Almost every person discards peels when they have cucumbers. If all this while you have been throwing away the bitter part of the cucumber, know that it can come to your great help in controlling pests like different types of ants.


One of the essential ingredients when it comes to cooking food is undoubtedly salt. Aside from enhancing the overall taste of a dish, salt effectively prevents pests such as fleas and ants. If you have noticed an infestation of ants in your house, take a decent quantity of salt and sprinkle it around the windows and doors of your home. Also, sprinkle some salt onto mats, carpets and rugs to restrain fleas.

The organic remedies mentioned above for residential pests problems are only a few of the many. Conduct an inspection in your house routinely to detect signs of pests and use effective natural ingredients to eradicate these troublesome minuscule creatures effectively.

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