5 Things To Inspect Before Replacing Your Door

Windows and doors provide the first line of defense against the elements of your home. When you’re looking to upgrade them, it’s important to be aware of the signs that indicate you need to replace your door.

Sometimes it may seem like you can get away with patching up windows and doors because they don’t require extensive work or costly installation, but these temporary fixes can cost more in the long run:

Even if they only need minor repairs, they should still be inspected by a professional contractor before being put back into use. Here are five things to inspect before replacing your door, windows, or both.

1. Deteriorating windows or doors

The windows or door may not be in that bad of shape, but if there are any signs of decaying, you need to have it looked at by a professional contractor before using it again. Mold and mildew can weaken them, so while windows with broken glass can’t be the only thing to cause the rotten wood effect.

2. Door is sticking

A door that sticks when closing needs immediate attention since the problems are likely getting worse. If it’s just sticking on one side, then something may simply be off-balance which you could fix yourself by adjusting the hinges on one side. However, if it’s sticking on both sides, then the problem could be bigger and it might be time to consider replacing your door. Also, if you can’t adjust it at all, then that is a sign that the frame of the door may have been damaged so you need a new door altogether.

3. Drafts

If you notice cold air coming in from windows or doors when they should be shut tight, this means there are gaps somewhere allowing outside air to come inside. A draft is a sure sign that they aren’t sealed right and need a replacement for insulation reasons.

4. Rotting wood

Inspect windows and doors for any signs of rotting wood. While some types of windows may have rotting sills if not properly cared for over a long period of time, windows and doors with rotting wood may only need a few new pieces replaced to be put back into use. However, they may also not be sturdy enough to hold it open either, so you should have it looked at by a contractor before using your windows or door again.

5. Obvious damage

If they are severely bent out of shape then they might not close properly making them unsafe for usage. They could even cause further damage due to wind pressure on a regular basis, but if they do end up breaking because of the stress, this won’t just lead to an expensive replacement cost but also possible injury if someone is standing right in front of it when it breaks. Be sure you’ve had windows and doors inspected by a contractor before you try to use them again.

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