5 Ways Home Automation Can Reduce Energy Costs

Reducing Energy Costs with Home Automation

The cost of living is on the rise, with energy prices already through the roof. So, it’s no wonder most households are looking for ways to save money. The good news is, smart home installation can have a positive impact on your bills. Let’s check out 5 ways that home automation can bring those rising prices back down.

  • Lighting Control Reduces Power Usage

Smart lighting is a relatively simple way to bring down energy costs. This is because you can set timers so that lights only come on at specific times of the day. You can also make the most of dimmer switches to considerably reduce the amount of energy you use. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about wasted electricity; if you leave a light on by accident, simply turn it off via your smart device.

  • Smart Thermostats Learn Your Routine

Worried about turning the heating on due to price hikes? Well, it might be time to invest in a home automation system that includes a smart thermostat. These can learn your daily routine and kick into action when you’re at home. Some even use geo-fencing technology to track your smartphone location, so that the heating only turns on when you are nearly home from work, for example. This is great because if your routine changes, or you stay out later than planned, you won’t waste energy.

Many thermostats can also be adjusted remotely too, so if you spontaneously take a trip away, your heating can be turned off via an app.

  • Automated Climate Control Monitors Activity

Smart homes are designed to make your living environment as comfortable as possible. Automated climate control systems can be used to reduce your electricity costs by monitoring the activity in your house. Heating and air conditioning are only activated as necessary, and in the specific rooms being use, to avoid waste. This is particularly effective at night if, for example, only three bedrooms are being used between 11pm and 6am.

  • Motorised Window Shades for Heat Regulation

Window shades can help keep to warm air in your house during the colder months and can prevent the heating from kicking into action unnecessarily. During the warmer months, keeping the shades closed during the hottest parts of the day can also keep the house cooler so that the air conditioning doesn’t need to be switched on – or can stay on for shorter periods of time.

  • Reduce Standby Electricity

Do you leave your electrical items on standby overnight or when you go away on holiday? If so, you could be throwing money down the drain unnecessarily. Standby energy can account for up to 10% of your total bill. But thankfully there are now automated energy management systems that allow you to negate the standby modes of appliances in an eco-friendlier way.

Speak to smart home specialists in Kent today and discover ways to make your home more economical. The less energy you use, the less you’ll have to pay to energy companies.

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