Best Ways to Avoid Common Garden Issues

Gardens are perfect havens for those who want to relax, spend time outdoors or maybe pursue a green-fingered hobby. While there are many benefits to having a garden, there are also many issues that can arise without proper maintenance, which in turn can ruin your relaxing outdoor retreat.

Here are some of the most common garden issues and how you can be sure to avoid them.

Common Issue: Brown Lawn

Nobody likes to see their well-tended lawn looking brown and unappealing. It’s tempting to try to overwater your lawn when it’s looking brown and dry or to use lawn feed to encourage a healthier lawn. Brown lawn is very common when you’ve had an extremely hot summer with direct sunlight.

Solution: Don’t cut your lawn too short, and wait for rainfall

Cutting your lawn too excessively and too short won’t do anything to have your grass looking less brown. It can even make it look more sparse and more colorless. The most effective solution for a brown lawn is simply waiting for natural rainfall to hydrate your lawn in the best way.

Common Issue: Insects or Slugs Attacking Plants

It’s never fun dealing with garden pests, especially when they’re attacked your pride and joy plants or flowers. Slugs and insects can be problematic for damaging your garden. Regularly checking your plants and flowers for signs of insect or slug attacks means you can react quickly to the situation.

Solution: Use repellents, encourage birds, and promote healthy plants

Firstly, the better you grow stronger and healthier plants, the better state they will be in to deal with any pest attacks and hopefully overcome them. Weak or neglected plants will be more susceptible. You can also encourage more birds into your garden using feeders and nests so that they will provide a natural solution to tackling pests. As a final solution, you can try certain repellents, such as slug repellent, as long as they’re healthy for your plants and don’t risk compromising other wildlife.

Common Issue: Green Pond Water

When you have a garden pond, you always want it to look in its best and cleanest condition. Green pond water can occur when the water isn’t balanced properly or when weeds appear.

Solution: Use a high-quality pond filter

Kitting your pond out with the best filtering equipment will help to promote balance in your water and keep it clean, preventing a build-up of algae. Filters like from Water-garden.co.uk ensure your water can remain in its best condition.

Common Issue: Problematic Wasps

A common issue for everyone during the summer is an attack of wasps. Even one wasp during an outside meal or when you’re trying to relax can risk ruining the experience, as well as compromising your food and drink.

Solution: Keep food covered and trap any wasps

If you’re someone who loves plenty of outside dining in your garden during summer, make sure to invest in air-tight containers for food and drink you want to keep on the table. Also, keep food, bottles, and glasses covered in between servings so that wasps can’t explore. If you see a wasp, carefully trap it if you can while you enjoy your meal.

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