CCTV Drain Survey: Does It Works Or Is It Just Hype?

Have you ever heard about a CCTV drain survey? No? Keep reading this article if you want complete information about CCTV drainage surveys.

To make sure that the drainage system of your residential o commercial property is working, you must keep a check on the health of the drain pipes. But how? Well, there’s a way to do it – a CCTV drain survey.

The drain survey is a precise and quick way to check the pipe works from inside. Also, it does not cause any disruption or damage to the property. Typically, a drain survey is carried out using cameras that are cost-effective and efficient in identifying the issues.

Don’t go anywhere until you read this article till the end. This article is about to shed light on how a CCTV drain survey works and why you need one.

How Does a CCTV Drain Survey Works?

Typically, a CCTV drain survey works by putting a high-definition camera through the drain pipes’ hole. The camera is attached to a highly flexible access rod. This access rod allows pressing of the camera through the drain pipes, capturing the inner pipe system’s live images.

This process can be mechanical or manual. Also, the camera keeps a record of the total distance traveled throughout the drain system. If there is a problem seen on the CCTV, the length is noted and formulated when the repair work is carried out.

The camera also takes still images of the drain pipes from inside. It allows the operator to investigate the issue by having a detailed look at the pictures.

Why and When is a Drain Survey Required?

A drain survey is potentially a vital tool to detect drainage system issues. It can be convenient if you are planning to buy a new home. Keeping in mind the investment you are making, you should be well aware of working the drain system of a house. That’s when a CCTV drainage survey can help.

A drain survey is capable of providing clear images of the drainage system. It can detect any issue and can tell whether a repair is required or not. If you are already an existing homeowner and face issues related to drainage pipes, consider getting a drain survey immediately.

You never know where the problem is located. It can be a problem in the toilet, bathroom, or even the sinks. Instead of using guesswork, start with an investigation. Get a quote immediately for a CCTV drain survey. It will help you to find the underlying problem and get a solution faster.

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