Concrete Can Shine: You Just Need to Use the Right Application

Whilst some people think of concrete in terms of a paving material, it can also be used for homes and residences as a floor. You just need to speak to a company that can make the material glisten and shine. By contacting polished concreters, you can change the looks of an area and give it a modern and easy-to-maintain look.

Mechanical Polishing versus Sealing

The methods that are used to attain this effect are detailed and well established. Plus, you can have the concrete mechanically polished, which differs from having a topical seal applied. When concrete is mechanically polished, the pavement is smoothed to a flat and reflective surface. If the concrete is sealed to look shiny, the sparkle comes from the sealant. Therefore, opting for a mechanical shine is long-lasting and more dependable.

That is because you can still protect the mechanically polished surface with a sealer. That way, you have a far more durable seal. If you want to invest in polished concrete in Perth, you need to choose the mechanical method. Otherwise, you will not experience as long a floor life or as much durability.

When concrete is polished to perfection, it goes through several steps to achieve this effect. You can also have concrete grouted, hardened, sealed, and buffed. Any of these processes will result in a beautiful and long-lasting appearance.

Talk to a Polished Concreter About Your Preferences

You just need to talk to a specialist that can offer these services for your home or commercial business. When creating a concrete floor, you need to think of whether you want any surface stones exposed or if you do not want any exposure. For example, when no stones are exposed, the concrete needs curing and needs to be laid extremely straight. Technicians need to burnish the finish so it appears extra smooth. This type of floor is ideal for industrial sites that need to have exceptional floor strength. If you own a commercial area that has a good deal of foot traffic, you may also want to choose this type of flooring. Because the concrete features no coating, its sheen will last a long time and the polished floor reflects natural light more effectively.

Maybe you would like to expose some aggregates. If so, your concrete flooring needs curing and, same as a floor with no exposed stone, it needs to be finished so it looks smooth. This type of floor is often called a salt and pepper floor because the stone appears scattered. This type of floor is not only economical but it is popular amongst homeowners and commercial operators. Some industrial sites may use the application too.

If you want most of the aggregates in the concrete exposed, you do not have to worry that the concrete is not laid perfectly straight. This type of random look is popular as it conveys a message of sophistication whilst promoting a rustic appearance. In some instances, customers like all the stone exposed. In this instance, the floor compares closely to the look of terrazzo. However, it is much more affordable. When it is polished, it indeed becomes a one-of-a-kind floor.

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