Do You Need a Conveyancer?

Real estate transactions can become complicated. That is why you need a conveyancer to handle real estate transactions in Victoria and other locations in Australia. Everything should be done properly to effect a successful real estate purchase or sale. That is why conveyancing is an important activity.

For example, when you rely on a company such as Jims Conveyancing Services in Geelong, you will find that you can streamline the transaction process. A knowledgeable person in this area can make sure that everything is done according to form. The activity of conveyancing itself refers to the transfer of a legal real estate title from one property to the next.

How a Conveyancer Can Help

When you contact a conveyancer, you are contacting a qualified real estate specialist who understands areas of property dealings. Using this form of assistance will enable you to do to the following:

  • Transact the sale or purchase of various kinds of real estate including residences, investment properties, commercial buildings, and land.
  • Complete property transactions that crate, transfer, or extinguish legal title for real estate. These types of transactions often result from inheritance, tax planning, divorce, or mortgage refinancing.

Successfully Complete Your Property Sale or Purchase

If you are a business, you can also count on the services of a conveyancer in Victoria to handle the purchase or sale of your company. Conveyancers possess skills and knowledge that a real estate purchaser or seller needs to ensure the successful completion of a property transaction.

For instance, a conveyancer may perform the following tasks for a client:

  • Check a contract of sale and make sure that it features the right attachments. These attachments may include copies of the council zoning certificate, sewer diagram, title, or strata plan.
  • Complete required checks for land tax obligations or outstanding arrears.
  • Investigate if any information has not been previously disclosed, such as non-regulation structural work.
  • Alert the customer to issues that may affect the real estate now or in the future.
  • Draft a special clause in the real estate contract, such as varying the settlement period or varying the amount of deposit.
  • Negotiate with the conveyancer of the other party about special clauses or property issues.
  • Assess council and water rates and adjust where required to make a property ready for settlement.
  • Set up settlement, including the payout of the monies to the proper parties.

An Invaluable Resource for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

As you can see, a conveyancer’s services can be invaluable. Whether you are buying or selling a home or investing in residential or commercial real estate, you need this person working on your behalf.

Supporting the Real Estate Market in Victoria

If you have not yet contacted a conveyancer, you need to do so today. Maybe you would like to work as a conveyancer. If so, you can learn more about franchise opportunities. Regardless of your enquiry, you will find that real estate transactions cannot proceed as well without the expertise of a conveyancing professional. Conveyancing is one activity that boosts real estate sales and purchases and ensures successful outcomes.

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