Frequently Asked Questions about Duct Cleaning

Are you wondering when your ducts should be cleaned? Do you want to know what the cleaning process involves? These are just two of many frequently asked questions our professional duct cleaners receive when people get in touch with us. This blog post covers the top four frequently asked questions about duct cleaning.

What is Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning refers to the removal of dirt, dust, mould and other unpleasant particulates that accumulate within and spread through the air ducts in your home. Specialised tools are used to remove blockages, obstructions and material build-up in both the ductwork and associated HVAC components, such as cooling coils, drain pans and heating fan motors.

When is Duct Cleaning Required?

The frequency at which ducts should be cleaned depends on various environmental factors, however, to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your system it is recommended that ducts be cleaned at least every 2 years. It is also recommended ducts be cleaned after any renovations, whenever you notice dust and debris sitting in your ducts or you notice you are constantly having to dust your furniture. When there are a lot of building works going on around your neighbourhood or you live on a dirt road, your system may need cleaning more regularly.

What Does Duct Cleaning Involve?

The goal of duct cleaning is to remove harmful particulates and biological contaminants from your ductwork. This process involves using an agitation device to dislodge any dust and debris build up, while employing an industrial extractor to extract all debris. Covers are used to minimise any risk of dust escaping and Sanitisers and Deodorisers are also used for maximum results. 

Which Duct Cleaners Can I Trust?

There are a huge number of Duct cleaners out there which can make it hard to choose!  From your 1-man sole trader to large scale companies, not all are created equal. Before booking an appointment with a professional, there are a few questions you should ask first. These include:

  • Are they an active member of a Duct Cleaning Association e.g. NADCA?
  • Are they Quality Endorsed and Audited by an Independent Third-Party Compliance Company e.g. SIA Global?
  • Do they have sufficient Public Liability Insurance Coverage of at least $20,000,000?
  • Do they offer any Satisfaction Guarantees on their work?
  • Do they have good reviews on Google or other review platforms?

If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, you should wait until you can do so!

Get the Answers You Seek Today

If you have more questions about duct cleaning and duct cleaners, the team at Duct Masters has you covered. Contact us today by calling 1300 557 077, or fill out our convenient online enquiry form and we’ll respond in next to no time.

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