Get to Know the Type of Bed Bugs That are Likely to Infest Your Dwelling

Bed bugs are the most notorious pests that can disturb the peaceful homely environment. Once your home gets infested by them the first thing to di is to clean the whole house. To spray pesticides and clear all the clutter will be the best solution.

Pest controllers known worldwide for their efficiency in cleaning any living space from pests such as Solutions Cimexadvice prevention is the best method to stay away from harmful pests. There are many Solution contre les punaises working towards preventing the bugs from entering your home. However, before you try to be safe, it is best to know the kind of bedbugs likely to make your home their living space.

Here are the kinds of bedbugs:

  • Cimex Lectularius: This kind is one of the most common household bed bugs thriving worldwide. They can adapt to any temperate climates and live well in any human living environment. They are most commonly found in America and in European countries.
  • Tropical bedbug: Scientifically known as Climex Hemiptrus prefer to hide under your carpets, mattress and under furniture. They thrive in innumerable numbers in all European countries and in States.
  • Boueti bed bugs: Mostly found commonly in high tropical climate regions like South America and West Africa. The peculiar quality of the bugs portraying them different from their related species is that they love to infest bats, not human beings. Hence, they need tropical climate to multiply easily and a place that has a large bat population.

Home owners won’t be able to identify the difference in their appearance until they use microscope. There is no difference between their inhabiting ways, bites and damages they cause to your home and your body.

There are other kinds of bugs looking similar to bedbugs through naked eyes and biting the same way.

The bugs are:

  • Swallow bugs: They are used to infest on swallows thus dwells on nests of the birds.
  • Bat bugs: Usually, seek blood of bats in case there is scarce of bats in the region and prefer to feast on human blood.
  • Mexican chicken bug: Mostly they are a nuisance in agricultural and poultry environment. Their main target is poultry animal’s blood. but human beings can also become their prey.

DIY ways to prevent bugs from entering your home prove to be quite beneficial to get rid of harmful bedbugs. You can also try professional pest controls like Solution Cimex. They have offices in Ailleurs, Sherbrooke, Montreal and Granby.

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