Handy Shares Important Strategies for Modular Home Additions


According to Handy, modular homes have become popular in the last few decades due to their lower construction cost and faster build time. However, the best part of building a modular home is that you can build modular additions in the future depending on your need and budget.

The Strategies

Here are a few strategies to consider for modular home additions:

  1. Understand what type of modular home addition you require – It is important to understand exactly what type of modular addition you want to build before you get started with the project. For instance, you can build and attach a modular addition to the side of your home to create a separate living unit or additional rooms. Alternatively, you can build a modular addition on top of your one-story home to turn it into a two-story building.

If you frequently have guests or friends at home, a prefab backyard guest house can be a good addition. Similarly, a prefab office can give you the privacy you need if you need to work from home. The point is that you have to figure out your needs before you plan out the details.

  1. Hire a good contractor – It is crucial to work with a reputed general contractor (GC) that has tons of experience building modular homes. Additionally, it is important to ensure that they have all the necessary licenses and insurance certificates so that you fully depend on their service.

Ensure you get a rough quote and timeline estimate for the whole project so that you can manage things better. Also, don’t settle for the first GC you find because it is important to compare the quotes, timelines, and skill set of the team to determine which company would be the best fit for your needs.

  1. Discuss all the details – Whether you are constructing a modular home from scratch or building new modular additions, it is crucial to discuss all the details such as the dimensions and layout of the rooms, the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems, the flooring material, and more to avoid any problems in the future.

Any deviation from the initial agreement can slow down work and make the project more expensive. Thus, be sure to discuss with the contractor what is included in the cost and what is not to get favorable terms.

  1. Consider your financing options – Building a modular home addition is expensive and sometimes, you need to borrow money from banks in the form of a traditional loan or non-traditional loan from private investors to achieve your purpose. Thus, be sure to speak with a couple of different lenders if you are short on money.

Generally, if you have high equity in your modular home, you can opt for an equity loan. Otherwise, you can opt for a construction loan, but the lender will require a down payment in such a case.


Handy suggests you hire a reputed general contractor for building your modular home addition who is not only known for their quality service but also offers good customer satisfaction. This can help to avoid any issues down the line and prevent any unnecessary delays.

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