Buying a log cabin kit is a perfect solution if you don’t want the hassle of building a log cabin from scratch. It comes prefabricated with everything you need to assemble a log cabin in your garden. Perhaps you don’t have the skills to design one, the time to cut the logs or enough carpentry skills; a log cabin kit solves all those problems.

Log cabin kits are becoming more popular as they are flexible and cost-effective. They are faster and easier to install, saving you more resources. But how do you determine the best cabin kit for your needs? Here are the considerations to make.

Consider the different types of cabin kits.

First, you need to understand that different types of cabin kits are available. They differ depending on the type of wood, notch type, how the logs are milled and finished, and the style, e.g., Scandinavian, rustic, modern, etc. Do you prefer milled or bespoke logs? Do you like uniform logs or want to see the natural characteristics of the wood?

You have to decide the type of wood you want to see on your cabin kit. There are dozens of wood types, but only a few build home cabins, and the most popular ones include pine, cedar, spruce, and cypress. Experts consider white cedar the most premium wood type; therefore, it comes at a higher cost.

Common choices of the corner join include saddle notch, dovetail notch, corner post and tongue, butt and pass notch, and groove. Considering these aspects provides you with an idea of your ultimate cabin.

Choose an experienced and reputable manufacturer.

You should buy your cabin kit from a knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable manufacturer such as eLoghomes. That is one way of ensuring you get a quality cabin kit that will serve you for many years. Some questions to consider:

  • Is the company registered with a known log home association?
  • Are the logs they use graded and stamped?
  • Do they have a license?
  • Do they provide onsite assistance and installation services?

The benefit of choosing a company registered with a log builder’s association or home builder’s association is that the company has to comply with specific guidelines to produce high-quality products.

You might not need onsite installation services, but knowing that you can rely on the company in case of any problem gives you peace of mind. You should also ensure that the kit comes with a guarantee.

Total inclusions

What does the cabin kit include? Most log cabin kits include the roof, log wall system, windows, and doors. You may need to source the foundation, floors and interior finished separately.

Generally, companies sell cabin kits based on different levels of completion, including shell only, dry-in package, and complete package. The package you choose depends on your budget, the time you wish to put into the build, and the level of customization you want.

Final words

Finding the perfect cabin kit for your needs can be time-consuming, but it is worth it. Most importantly, buy your log cabin kit from a reputable manufacturer for good quality.

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