How to install a new window

When it comes to installing insert replacement windows, there will be a learning curve. The first window or two may take several hours, but after that, it may just take an hour or so. You’ll need to install our new windows and doors in dry, warm weather, and start early in the day.

Although each manufacturer has its installation procedures, the one detailed here is common.

Window measurement and ordering

Measure horizontally and vertically from the inside of one window jamb to that of the opposing jamb at the bottom, center, and top. When ordering the window, go with the least size. The manufacturer’s instructions will show you how to size the new window to fit your existing window opening.

Window stops should be removed

Carefully remove the window stop molding away from the sides and top of the window frame with a pry bar or putty knife and hammer. If the molding has been painted, use a utility knife to cut through the paint.

Remove the sash from the inside

Remove the knotted weight ropes from the holes in the sides of the sash frame and carefully remove the inner window sash from the opening.

Parting stops should be removed

Remove the parting stop moldings that separate the inner and outer window sashes with a small pry bar or screwdriver. Because these will not be reused, breaking them to liberate them from the window frame is OK.

Remove the sash from the outside

The outer window should now glide out of the window frame with the separating stops removed. Pull the knots out of their openings on the sides of the sash frame to free it from the sash cords.

Pull the counterweights and pulleys out of the way

Remove the heavyweights from the weight compartments on the sides of the window frame. Remove the sash cords by cutting them with a utility knife. Remove the weight pulleys from the window frame’s tops.

Fit the new window and secure it

Install any necessary expansion strips or headers on the new insert window, then test fit it in the frame opening. Adjust the window with a carpenter’s square as needed to make it level and square. Secure the window by driving mounting screws through the side channels and the window frame.

Finally, install the window stops, caulk the joints around the stop moldings, and paint your new window.

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