How to Keep Bugs from Finding their Way into your Home when you Travel

You will never wish to deal with bed bugs in your apartment or home. But, you can only be sure about this if you take proactive measures. This is especially true if you travel frequently. Did you know that bed bugs can latch into your suitcase? As your suitcase will sit next to many suitcases from different people, getting bed bugs from any of those suitcases can really be scary. To make sure you return to your home from travel without bringing any of those pesky bugs, consider the tips below:

Inspect the Room you Will be Sleeping In

No matter where will you be sleeping during your travel, you should take the time to check for live bugs, excrement droppings, rusty spots, eggs, and yellowish skins. If you find any of these signs, inform the management about this right away. They have legal obligations to address an infestation and offer you alternative sleeping arrangements.

Moreover, make sure you don’t put your suitcase in that room before checking for bugs. This way, the bugs won’t have access to your luggage and you will not bring them back home.

Ensure your Luggage is off the Bed and Ground

After you have checked the room for bed bugs and don’t find any evidence of their presence in your room, don’t think about placing your luggage off the bed and off the ground. Keep in mind that bed bugs can travel from other rooms in the hotel you are staying in. Keep your luggage on the designated rack or on top of a table. Visit https://solutioncimex.com to learn more.

Keep your Suitcase Wrapped in Plastic

There many luggage in the airports brought by people from around the world. Their luggage can also have bed bugs. To prevent having bed bugs in your luggage, cover your suitcase with plastic.

Hot Wash your Clothes when you Return from the Travel

Washing all pieces of clothing you brought in your travel in hot water and drying them on high heat will kill all bugs that might be lurking there. This way, you prevent them from finding their way into your home. While moving your clothes to the laundry room place them in a plastic bag to prevent from falling off on the way.

Vacuum the Luggage

Before you bring your suitcase into your house, take some time inspecting it for bed bugs and vacuuming it out. This will ensure you  are totally free of these bugs.

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