How to Refresh Your Home For Spring

There is something about spring time which inspires us to start anew, both inside and outside the home. After all this is the season when we replenish the earth and sow new seeds, as well as updating the home in anticipation of the warmer months ahead. There are some very simple changes that you can make in the home that will breathe new life into the property following a cold and cozy winter. If you wish to give your home something of a refresh, here are some simple tips on how you can do just that.

New Taps

If you wish to give you kitchen an update without necessarily giving it an upgrade, replacing the taps can have a big impact. A new kitchen mixer and maybe even some new laundry taps will have much more of an impact than you may realize. Instead of keeping the finish which you currently have, look at different types of finishes which can make a style statement in the space.

New Accessories

The devil really is in the details when it comes to giving your home a refresh, and this is where you should start to make your home look bright and new for spring. For example you could look to replace the light switches around the home for something a little more sleek; update kitchen sink accessories like soap dishes and caddies; as well as updating sockets and light pulls. These small changes, when done throughout the home, really can make a big difference in its appearance.

Repainting The Edges

Details like replacing the kitchen and bathroom taps, sockets and light pulls look great, but a far more impactful way to refresh your home is to paint around the edges. Repainting the home is a large job and whilst it will look good, it is quite the challenge. A better option for now would be to repaint your skirting boards and the crowning of your home’s rooms will really deliver a new feel to the property. This is less time consuming and will really freshen up the house.

Bring Nature In

This is very much the season to sow plants and focus on nature, so why not bring in some natural touches to the home in order to refresh it? If you don’t feel as though you are someone who could regularly take care of plants, look at buying hardy options like a yucca which don’t require much care, or false plants could still look great and brighten up the property.


Another task which you may not want to do, but will certainly help you to refresh the home for spring is to declutter your closets and drawers. Over time we can all be guilty of hoarding or hiding stuff away, so now is the time to clear out and restart ahead of these kinder, warmer months. This may take a couple of days to sort things out, throw things away or even sell and recycle stuff. Make sure that you dedicate a couple of days to this, in order to make the stressful job as stress-free as you can.

Spring is the perfect month for a refresh, and these tasks will help you to achieve just that.

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