Important things to consider before buying an air conditioner

In today’s time air conditioners have become a necessity rather than luxury; especially in countries which are unmercifully hot and have a tropical kind of climate. Buying an air conditioner is a costly investment, therefore, before buying one, you should consider some important points and these are easily available with Daikin aircon.

These are: 1) multi-split system: It cools two rooms to nine rooms with a single outdoor unit.2) Installation: Your AC installer should be a BCA-certified technician, in order to ensure a perfect installation as per BCA and HDB guidelines. 3) PVC drainage pipe; 4) wiring; 5) Electrical loading; 6) Refrigerant (or gas): 7) Insulation; 8) Compressor and 9) System (2, 3, 4, or 5)

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