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We have consulted with interior design experts to bring you top tips for nailing your interior design at home. Often we find ourselves walking around our homes looking for things we would love to change, but never knowing where to start. We have the top tips for you to give you food for thought, and to get the creative juices flowing.


Adding layers and texture to your home brings character and depth. This can be done through panelling your walls, introducing media walls, large pieces of furniture, throws and scatter cushions. For the ultimate finesse, dress your windows with both blinds and drapes or curtains to shape the wall and create a focal point on your exterior walls. Drapes and curtains break up a wall, giving the eye a variety of points to focus on.


Fabric, like layering, adds character and depth. A variety of textures are easy on the eye, bring continuity into your living space and piece your furniture together. Your fabrics can shape the room entirely. Focus on throws, scatter cushions, textures in your drapes and curtains. When you finalise your home, you must be careful with the fabrics you pair together. Choose carefully or you will spoil the overall look and feel of your home. If you are trying to achieve a certain aesthetic, choose fabrics that complement this.

Colour Scheme

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme, we think running with it throughout the entire home works best. It means from the minute you enter the house, the tone is set and you are introducing the aesthetic from the beginning. Our favourite colour schemes are neutral hues, golds and navy, as well as a green palette if carefully selected and paired with complementing furniture like rattan.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a new and emerging trend that is taking off in the interior design world. We have found painting your room floor to ceiling in the same colour, paired with furniture in the same colour palette creates such a beautiful effect. It entirely transforms the space you are working with and becomes a statement within your home. Rooms that work best this way are smaller living rooms, snugs, office spaces, and games rooms.


Lighting can make a statement in every home and there is lighting to suit each and every size and style of home and decor. Check out Buster + Punch for the most edgy lighting, an interior designer’s dream, with something to suit everybody. Treating yourself and your home when it comes to investing in your lighting is key to completing your interior decor dreams.

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