It’s Cold For Dogs, Too! Keeping Your Dog Warm & Healthy

Doggos feel the cold as much as us humans. I mean, haven’t you ever since your dog in the winter months, doing everything possible to not have to go outside to pee?

Many dogs absolutely cannot stand winter, as they are just as susceptible to its drawbacks as we humans. With that in mind, it’s important to keep your dog warm, happy and healthy during the winter months, as you don’t want them to come down with an illness.

Sure, the best dog insurance Australia has available can help if they happen to get a winter chill, but we don’t want it to come to that at all!

So, here are five tips for ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy in the winter time:

  • Keep them inside if it’s too cold

The number one rule of thumb is an easy one: if you find it too cold, chances are your doggo will find it too cold as well. Dogs are just as susceptible to getting sick in winter as humans, and they don’t want to be out risking a virus just as much as you don’t, so keep them inside if it’s a bit cold even for yourself.

  • Keep the home humidified

Not only this, be sure to keep a towel inside that you can quickly use to dry your doggo after they’ve been out in the cold. Not only can this help get any rain water off their coat, but it can also help avoid your dog developing itching, flaky skin, something that is a risk when your dog keeps coming out from the warmth and into the cold in the winter months.

Be sure to pay close attention to their toes as this is where it is likely they will develop flaky skin.

  • Don’t give your dog a big haircut!

This is a no-brainer, really, as dogs need their coats in the winter to avoid getting a chill! Their coats act in the same way humans wear winter clothing, ensuring they remain warm and comfortable even in the cooler months of the year. If you have a short-haired dog that you’ve noticed is susceptible to getting super chilly in the winter, then why not pick them up a cosy coat that will keep them warm and happy even when they do have to go out for a chilly winter walk?

  • Be careful when bathing them in winter

We all know dogs hate baths, but they hate them even more if the bath causes them to develop dry and flaky skin as a result. So, if you are going to bathe them in the winter months, be sure to use a moisturising shampoo and rinsing on advice from your veterinarian.

  • Feed them healthy food & make sure they are hydrated

Your dog needs to be well fed in the winter as they use extra energy to stay warm. However, this doesn’t mean you should overfeed them, as chances are they might not be going for as many walks in the winter months and therefore could put on weight. Unnecessary weight gain can be incredibly unhealthy for dogs, so ensure they are well fed for energy burning but not overfed.

Finally, ensure they are plenty hydrated in the winter months as this helps keep their skin hydrated and reduces the risk of drying out.

There, it’s simple! These five tips are important for keeping your dog happy and healthy in winter, but it doesn’t mean they are difficult! You just have to keep them warm, well fed and with their vital coat – this way they will stay happy and healthy in the winter months.

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