Of all the items you use in your home, toilet paper is the most personal item and the most important one for that matter. Although the function of toilet paper seems straightforward, your choice of toilet paper has an impact on your health and your plumbing system. While good quality toilet paper enhances your comfort, poor quality toilet paper can leave you with a less than pleasant experience.

With the average person considered to use 57sheets of toilet paper a day, it is time you start considering getting the best quality to get the job done rather than grabbing the cheapest in the market. Keep the following in mind when buying toilet paper.

Sustainable toilet paper is best.

Using toilet paper manufactured from bamboo or recycled materials is the best way to contribute to an eco-friendly planet. Sustainable toilet paper is eco-friendly because it is not made from wood; no trees are cut down to produce it. If you are an eco-conscious person, you realize that many trees go into waste to have the raw materials for making the regular toilet paper, leaving us bare forests. On the other hand, toilet paper made from bamboo is sustainable since the plant is the fastest growing on the planet and is renewable.

Opt for chlorine-free toilet rolls

When manufacturing toilet paper, chlorine chemical is used to bleach the paper rolls, and some also use dyes to produce diversely colored tissue rolls. Chlorine is not environmentally friendly because it pollutes the air and water. Opt for chlorine-free toilet paper made from recycled materials and bamboo instead to contribute to a safer environment.

Consider your comfort

When buying a toilet roll, keep comfort at the top of your list. The quality of toilet paper you use can make a difference in how your bottom feels after relieving yourself. Poor quality toilet papers can cause redness, rashes, or a scratchy butt which can be very embarrassing. A single-ply toilet paper does not offer the best option for your comfort.

Consider the many purposes for which you use toilet paper. You can use it to wipe spills, sneeze into, wipe a runny nose, etc. Therefore choose a toilet paper brand that is comfortable enough to serve all those purposes.

Choose a brand that is durable and soft.

It has happened to you at some point, and it isn’t fun. You wipe yourself, and suddenly a finger pops out to the other end of the toilet paper. Nasty, isn’t it? That is why you should buy the right quality toilet paper. To ensure your fingers do not get into anything during the wiping process.

An eco-toilet paper with two-ply or more layers can provide much-needed comfort to prevent the likelihood of finger through during use. You also need to ensure it is absorbent enough while giving the much-needed smoothness.

Consider why prices differ.

The quality of toilet paper often reflects its cost. Cheap toilet paper is likely rough, hard to tear, and suitable for stuffing packages and not using on the throne. It is better to spend more on good-quality toilet paper.

The takeaway

Good quality toilet paper breaks down quickly once it is in water, making it safe for your plumbing system.

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