Keeping The Garage Cool In Summers: Top Tips!

If you live in a region that’s prone to extreme temperatures in summers, you should definitely consider ways to keep the garage cool. For most homes, garage offers a good amount of extra space, and yet, the available area is not used, often because the room is too hot. If you are wondering how to cool a garage in summers, we have a few tips below for your help.

  • Insulate the roof. You can reduce extreme heating of the garage, just by insulating the roof, and the best part is it won’t cost a bomb. You can find the choice of batt-insulation or can contact a roofing company to know the available solutions.

  • Add awnings. If the garage gets considerable amount of sunlight directly, you can add awnings for extra light control. While this may not cool the garage completely, it does reduce trapped heat. In case you have the space, consider planting a tree that may block the sunlight. You can call a landscaping company to get an idea of the costs and other factors.
  • Change the garage door. One of the better ways to control heat is to have an insulated garage door, and you can find quite a few options. In many homes, insulating the walls may not be an apt choice, but you can always change the door. If you don’t want to change the door, consider painting it in a light color, so that it doesn’t absorb sunlight that will increase the temperature inside.
  • Add an air conditioner. If you want a more permanent and better solution, you should consider installing an air conditioner. The good news is you can go for a split system for the garage, which doesn’t have to be more than 1-ton in capacity. The installation can be done easily, and if you select a smart system, you can remotely control the temperature of the garage.

In conclusion

When you are ready to take a ride in the afternoon, the last thing you would want is a hot car. Cooling the garage is not just for the car but also for ensuring that the area is used extensively. If you are planning to switch to a centralized air conditioning system, you can consider including the garage as a part of the plan. There are also portable air conditioners that can be used for smaller garages. You can check online for options or contact an installation service for help.

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