Laundry Sink Ideas

If you are looking to give your laundry an upgrade then it is important to recognise that the laundry sink is going to be one of the most important features in this space. Given that the majority of laundries aren’t blessed with a lot of square footage, items like appliances and the sink are the first aspects which you should be considering. When it comes to choosing the perfect laundry sink there is much to think about, and here are some ideas which you need to bear in mind when making this choice.

 Laundry Space Available

The reason why there is a broader range of laundry sinks available, when compared to say, kitchen or bathrooms, is that space is so often a challenge in the laundry. If you have plenty of space to play with then you will have the full range of laundry sinks to choose between. If however you have a laundry which is lacking in the space department, you can look at things like corner sinks and freestanding sinks in order to maximize that space.

 How Are You Using Your Sink?

Before we even take a look at the style of sink you are going to choose, it is important that you think about exactly what you use the sink in the laundry for. Some of you will invest a good amount of time doing a hand wash of clothing before they go in the washing machine, others may need a deep sink for washing muddy boots after country walks and others may have pets which they wash in the laundry sink. If you have pets for example, then you may wish to add a pet wash station, a low sink with a hose which is ideal for scrubbing down pets and boots.

If you really don’t use the laundry sink very often, then there is no point filling the space for the sake of it. In this instance, a simple bowl sink will do, and you can use the rest of the space for storage.

 Considering Tap Options

When it comes to selecting laundry taps, again you need to consider what you are using the sink for. Here you may like to use taps with a hose feature for all kinds of cleaning, or you may look to settle on basic, low cost taps which are just fit for purpose.

When you are choosing taps and laundry mixers, pay attention to the general style of the space as the taps are a little detail which can easily be combined to continue the theme in the laundry.

The space which you have available will be the first area to think of, as this is going to dictate which sinks you have available to you. Secondly, realistically consider what you use the sink for, or whether you use it at all. And finally look at the materials and colors which you can use for the sink and the tap-ware, which will fit in with the general style you have chosen for the laundry space.

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