London Apartment – All You Need To Know Before Booking A Serviced London Apartment

A couple of days ago an assistant telephoned me in absolute desperation. She was anxiously trying to find accommodation in manchester for many VIPs from abroad. She happened onto this site, not necessarily being aware of what the service involved. I believe the language ‘free service’, ‘apartments’ just helped her to determine that Quality London Apartments had something related to accommodation. Apologies in my lengthy opening, but it’s an excellent illustration of how little vacationers within the United kingdom and Europe know of the serviced apartment industry. After explaining the idea of short stay serviced apartments and helping her locate an apartment, I realized which i required to share this understanding further afield. Thus, this information is my contribution to spread out up this elusive industry and provide ideas to vacationers.

Exactly what is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is really a flat inside a block, with a separate bed room, sitting areaOrliving room, fully outfitted kitchen, one’s own secrets of own door. Short stay serviced apartments could be by means of a studio flat (all-in-one room having a kitchen area), one, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

All apartments enjoy house cleaning service, utilities along with a management team to assist….as being a hotel. Visitors pay only for any nightly rate and may reside in a flat with everything else they’d have in their own individual home.

Pros: Serviced London Apartment versus Hotels

More good value and cheaper. Inside a hotel, whichever star rating, you have to pay every night for just one room which have a TV, bathroom, sofa along with a bed. This is comparable to a studio apartment! Within an apartment there’s another bed room, kitchen, sitting area, bathroom and dining room table (exception is studio)

Cons: Serviced London Apartment versus Hotels

Apartments lacks the excitement and services of the hotel for example restaurants and Room Service. Although some apartments belong to hotels and provide you using their restaurants along with other services.

No 24-hour service night and day. The apartments are ran with a small team who work Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm, so you are well on your personal throughout the weekend. You will find emergency figures to if you suffer an electrical cut, but no 24-hrs hotel Duty Manager to operate for your room.

No pool, massages, saunas like hotels

What to look for when booking a serviced London apartment?

1. Excellence of the apartment – make certain you discover if they’re clean, well furnished and well-maintained. How? Look into the photos, and get if you’re able to book a scheduled appointment to see the apartment. This will be relevant if you’re remaining more than a lengthy time period.

2. Have they got an amiable and efficient management team? If you want enhanced comfort of the welcoming face to invite you in on arrival, then request a condo having a reception. Some apartments provide key boxes, so that you can arrive whenever, but there’s no-someone to setup a meeting. An amiable and small team can provide you with a very personal touch.

3. Opening duration of the apartments office – does not seem important? Well for the reason that nearly all apartments’ operations team open Monday to Friday 9:00am to six:00pm. Should you get to your apartment during office open hrs, then fine, but every other some time and weekends means that you’ll want to get the keys from the different location.

4. Key delivery by vehicle in the airport terminal? – If you’re flying from abroad to London, and don’t fancy traipsing throughout London during the night to get keys, nearly all apartments will employ a taxi to provide your secrets of the airport terminal upon your arrival. Convenient for their fee.

5. Payment procedure and cancellation policy – every apartment vary within their guest conditions and terms. All need a charge card like a guarantee of reservation, many will request 100% pre-payment a minimum of seven days just before arrival and cancellation can vary from 12:00pm at the time of arrival to twenty-eight days. So, before you decide to read the reservation, be very obvious concerning the conditions and terms. Ask your apartment agents to describe the process for you and browse the conditions and terms in your confirmation emails. You will save a lot of trouble and headache later.

6. Apartments will always be allotted on arrival. This insurance policy is equivalent to any hotel, so unless of course you’re a regular guest to some specific apartment, apartments take presctiption allocations. Within the same breath, some apartments have only a small amount of flats, so if you’re reserving the only real 3 bedrooms penthouse within their collection, then you’re guaranteed that exact apartment.

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