Mark Roemer Oakland Unveils Quick Decorating Tips To promote Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, decorating your home in a suitable manner is an important aspect of promoting your home. You should never take it lightly since how you stage your home and determine whether you are able to create a good impression of your property and sell your house quickly or are forced to lower your price in light of the competition.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few quick decorating tips you can follow to promote your home:

  1. Clean and declutter the property – A clean home creates the impression of a property that has been taken care of well whereas an unclean space reflects a neglected property. Thus, it is important to ensure that every part of your house from the floors to the ceiling is spotless and sparkling clean.

Similarly, a cluttered property not only distracts the buyer from focusing on the more important things but also creates the impression of less available space in your house. Thus, pack or remove any items, accessories, or appliances in your house that you don’t use regularly to declutter your house.

  1. Depersonalize the rooms – You need to allow the buyers to create a connection to your property in their minds by allowing them to imagine living in your home with their family. And the best way to achieve that is to depersonalize your house by removing any keepsakes, family photos, unique artworks, and even the toys of your kids since these reflect the personality of you and your family.

Removing items and accessories that are highly personal to you may seem tough at first, but it is a necessary step that you need to perform to promote your home to potential buyers.

  1. Ensure the property feels fresh – You can add a few potted plants in some strategic areas of the house to liven up the property and make it feel fresh. We recommend you use essential oils, beeswax candles, air purifiers, herbs, and flowers, to remove any lingering bad odor inside the house and freshen up the air even more. However, limit or avoid the use of chemical room fresheners and deodorizers since they can often trigger an allergic reaction or asthma in people who are sensitive.

Also, ensure to remove any trash that you notice lying around in the kitchen or any other part of the house and ensure the bathroom is smelling fresh as well.

  1. Use natural light to your advantage – Turn all the lights in your home and open up all the blinds and curtains to allow the space to fill up with as much natural light as possible when showing your home to a prospective customer. It is one of the quickest decoration hacks that you can use to promote your home.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you also pay attention to the exterior and entryway of your house to maintain good curb appeal. The best way to create a good first impression is to ensure the trees and plants in your lawn are trimmed properly or neatly pruned. Get rid of any weeds and ensure the sidewalk leading up to the house is clean and tidy as well.

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