Replacement Windows: How Is Warranty That Important?

There are a number of windows and doors out there in the market.  When looking for windows, you will likely come across windows with different types of warranties.

Why is a warranty so important?

Warranty is very important since it gives assurance to buyers that they can get windows replaced if their windows fail with no additional cost. Moreover, having a better warranty indicates that windows manufacturers have confidence on how durable or long-lasting their windows are or how good their services provide.

What should I look for when buying replacement windows?

It is best to find windows with at least 10 years limited warranty and with an Energy Star label (this means windows are energy efficient).

There are many windows with different types of warranties. But you can also opt to buy windows without a warranty (which is more affordable) and simply get the windows replaced when needed (this saves you money in terms of paying for repair or replacement costs later on).

The bottom line is that you need to do your research before buying windows with a warranty.

What should I do?

Choose windows with a good quality warranty since this will assure you that your investment is protected in case there are damages or malfunctions that may occur within the window frame. A longer warranty period will most likely give better warranty services than one with shorter periods. If possible, look for windows with lifetime warranties. This means manufacturers back their claims about the durability and quality of windows they offer, which still ensures windows work properly for years.

When windows break, there will be additional cost for you to replace windows (since windows without warranties do not require replacement and repairs and only need small fixes).  A warranty ensures windows can be replaced or fixed free of charge – this is what makes windows with a warranty important.

Whenever your windows fail, make sure to report it right away. Worn-out windows can easily damage the whole house as well as expose you to risks such as home intruders since broken windows cannot always properly protect your safety.


Whether warranties are offered by manufacturers or business owners selling windows, they provide buyers an assurance that nothing else will be spent on the windows if those fail within a certain period of time. This provides buyers security and peace of mind.

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