Safety First: 7 Things Every Secure Home Should Have

A home security system can easily be the difference between your home being broken into or not. There is no greater a deterrent for a potential intruder than the likes of security doors, alarms, visible cameras, security signage and more.

If you’ve been thinking about creating the ultimate home security system, complete with Amplimesh security screen doors, here are some of the components that should go with them.

  • Cameras

The faithful camera is an intrinsic part of any home security system. If your home has plenty of valuables that you are concerned might be robbed, then security cameras can easily record the parts of the home where these valuables are located. Security cameras are getting smarter by the year, too, with the likes of nano doorbell cameras, direct-to-smartphone cameras and HD cameras producing ultra-sharp images of anyone potentially trying to enter your home.

  • Glass break detectors

Intruders can be pretty desperate, and in their desperation will try the only method available for them to get into the home – breaking a window. But with smart glass break detectors, you don’t have to worry about this being a problem for your home. These handy little home security components set off an alarm when the sound of breaking glass occurs in the home, completely foiling any intruder’s attempt to enter the home via the easiest method they know.

  • Motion sensors

Motion sensors are one of the optimal elements of a home security system. They can provide one or multiple functions simultaneously, including setting off alarms, turning on lights, activating cameras and more. These handy gadgets are one of the greatest alerts and camera systems available in home security and, for that, have been a popular choice for years.

  • Smoke detectors

An oldie but an absolute goldie that should never be overlooked in home security! Smoke detectors are ubiquitous to Australian households and, whilst they often only alert us to our burnt toast, they are still an imperative part of home security in the event of an actual fire.

  • Door & window sensors

Working in a similar style to glass break detectors, door and window sensors can easily tell when an intruder has attempted to enter via the front/back door or through the window. With one attachment on the door/window itself and one on the frame, the alarm is set off when they break the circuit, alerting any occupants, neighbours and police to an intruder.

  • Signage

You might as well let potential intruders know that your home is protected and that there is no point in attempting entrance! What better way to do this than by simply telling intruders that your home is protected by a top class security system? By placing stickers and signs around the home’s entrance (and back entrance) detailing the state of the art security system in place, potential intruders will be totally deterred from even trying to gain entrance into the home.

  • Your Amplimesh security doors!

Amplimesh security doors are a vital part of Aussie home security. These incredible tough and resistant aluminium doors are designed for one thing: optimising the safety of your home. They are built to withstand intruders as well as anything from knife attacks, bushfires and heavy objects.

What’s more, they have been designed to be incredibly stylish and not diminish your home’s aesthetic. They are highly breathable and can allow plenty of fresh air into the home whilst being obscured from the outside and blocking out any views into the home.

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