Some Helpful Tips for Upgrading Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool trends keep changing. If it’s been years since you have installed your pool and are no longer enjoying your pool time, it is time to upgrade. Yes, pools too, need upgrades to make them look stunning and new.

If you regularly use your pool and want to best enjoy swimming, consider adding new designs. Modern amenities and water features are found abundantly; try incorporating a few to make your pool appear welcoming again.

Remember, even the best pool design will become old-fashioned with time. To retain the beauty and stay in the trend, you will need to bring in some contemporary features.

Consider changing the finish

If your pool plaster has disintegrated, the surface can scratch or scrape the skin when you swim. This however, is not a cause for worry. There are modern and durable finishes available today that are easy to maintain as well. A quartz pool finish is an excellent option if you are considering your pool plaster upgrade. It is highly appealing and in trend.

When compared to the other pool plaster options on the market, quartz scores high on affordability. It offers strength and resilience while being scratch resistant. You can also find a range of colors to choose from. Pick a blend that matches or contrasts with your other pool decor and achieve the result you desire.

The pool interior finish needs to be beautiful, at the same time safe and long-lasting. Quartz, we feel, would make a great choice. Renovate your fibreglass pools melbourne pool, create the look you want, and start enjoying your pool time.

You can also consider adding colored glass and pebbles to create a more appealing and joyful outdoor space.

Create a Spa ambiance

Your pool is a great place to practice swimming laps and stay fit. However, it can be the perfect place to get refreshed and rejuvenated too! Have you ever thought about that? Yes, while you can enjoy the cool waters in the sunny mornings, you can turn your pool space into a luxury spa like, provided you have a spacious backyard. Add a spa into your pool or alongside to create a richness beyond description.

With a spa in your own backyard, you get to enjoy every evening in your pool. Unwind, de-stress and relax in your spa pool, while paying nothing every time. You will be able to have loads of fun. What’s more, with the addition of a spa, you are enhancing the curb appeal of your property. This means your property value increases!

A spa can easily align with the existing circulation systems and utilities. So, you don’t need to invest anything extra on those systems. Most importantly, you can cool down and warm up very conveniently, as you can access both your pool and spa in the same place. Quite exciting, don’t you feel so?

Relax every day luxuriously without leaving your property premises simply by adding a spa to your existing fibreglass pool. The experience will be a true delight. For more information on adding a spa, reach out to your local pool company.

Add attractive LED lights

You would often want to extend your pool time, well into the late evening or night, especially during the weekend. Pool lighting is a must-have to confidently enjoy such times.

We suggest you add appealing LED lights in your pool area to create an eye-catching aura, while making the space swim-safe. With these cost-effective lights, you can also highlight the water features and architectural elements, and tailor the atmosphere to match with your other property decor.

LED pool lights add beauty and transform the ambiance of your space. Furthermore, they last 50,000 hours, at least. Once you install these energy-efficient LED lights, you don’t need to replace them in the near future. Upgrade your pool inexpensively with modern mood lighting and enjoy your backyard nightlife like never before! Create a dramatic effect and experience splendid!

Add comfortable seating

Bringing in the seating feature can look decorative while allowing for comfort. Add a few seats at appropriate places, so you and your family members can relax in between swim lapses.

New design

If your budget allows, consider redesigning your pool. It may seem adventurous, but if you can reach out to an experienced and renowned pool builder, the job is no rocket science. An expert pool company can examine your space and suggest practical solutions to help you achieve the form you want.

Add slides

Slides are another wonderful feature you can add. However, to include slides, you need to have enough space and pool depth. Your pool builder can give the best advice to you on this.

Innovative sanitiser systems

There are amazing systems available today that can reduce your pool expenses. For instance, you have devices that use oxygen to clean pool water. Several other innovative devices can greatly reduce chlorine use. Even though these are not directly linked to pool upgrades, you can consider buying them since they help reduce costs.

More water features

Small waterfalls are yet another feature that has the ability to enhance the ambiance of the pool atmosphere. Check online for fountain ideas and shortlist a few you like. Talk to your pool company about incorporating fountains and discuss your thoughts with them. A good pool builder should be able to suggest the best one for your pool.

Get creative and brainstorm ideas to provide a new look to your backyard pool. There are a number of upgrade options you can explore and what we’ve discussed are only a few of the popular ones. Your pool upgrade need not be complex and expensive. If you are tight on budget but still want to give a makeover to your fibreglass pool, think over the ideas mentioned in the aforesaid paragraphs.

Why swim in a boring, dull pool when you have cheap upgrade solutions? Uplift your pool today and experience the modern amenities. Contact your pool builder for further advice.

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