Strip Paint Safely With Dustless Blasting

The painting process is something that makes its way into many facets of life, and it can add beauty and functionality to many industries and individuals. Yet people don’t typically think about the process of getting rid of all that paint, and that’s where dustless blasting comes in. As the name implies, this type of abrasive blasting is virtually free of dust and debris while removing lacquers and paints from a wide range of materials. The dustless procedure has become one of the safest and most efficient ways to strip paint with minimal environmental effects.

Safe for Residences

The idea of blasting away paint and lacquer may seem like something only for industrial clients, but residential customers use this service quite frequently. Since the dustless method is so safe, it is the perfect choice for those who need to strip their walls, floors, or other parts of their property. The process is a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted paint and marks from wear and tear or vandalism. This is a suitable option for those in all types of settings, be it urban, rural, or residential communities. The paint comes off smoothly and leaves a surface that is ready for application. Meanwhile, other surfaces or materials stay safe and there will be no dust or particles left in the air. A few ways that this method might appeal to homeowners include getting rid of graffiti, stripping lead-based paints from surfaces, and removing other coatings that pose a toxicity threat.

Works on Automobiles

Besides buildings and residential properties, this is a procedure that works on automobiles. It’s truly amazing that something so powerful is gentle enough for a car or truck, and with a lack of debris, too. There will not be any dust coating the vehicle, and the process will not leave dents or scratches on the automobile. Besides being safe for cars and trucks, this type of abrasive blasting is more eco-friendly than its competitors. A combination of recycled crushed glass and water spray out of the nozzle, removing coats of paint and other toxic materials. The method reduces friction and thus, heat damage or warping to the objects or surfaces being blasted clean. The process can also cut through rust and remove chlorides for a clean slate that is ready for prepping or painting.

Professional Local Service

For the most professional abrasive blasting in Perth, look to a company that has a reputation for excellent customer service, high qualifications, and years of experience. They can run through the different blasting options and point out the pros and cons of each one. Besides dustless blasts, there are the processes of sandblasting and soda blasting, two options that might appeal to clients. Whichever they choose, they can be sure that the job is being done by professionals with the expertise and confidence to get it done right. They don’t only focus on residential customers either; industries and businesses are welcome to take advantage of these expert blasting techniques. The ability to strip paint without debris, dust, or harm to employees is hard to pass up.

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