Strong, Stylish & Sustainable: 6 Awesome Benefits Of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is one of the most wonderfully versatile building materials, ideal for creating stunning facades across a range of home and commercial designs. Sustainable and famed for its durability, this building material is the perfect choice for a myriad of constructions!

If you have been considering the best timber cladding Australia has, here are six reasons why you are onto a real winner:

  • It is highly durable

If you are seeking out building materials that will last many years, then this is perfect for your property. If well-treated and installed, timber can easily last for 60 years or more. It is also renowned for being highly resistant to fungal decay and rot, making it one of the most durable and sturdy materials on the Aussie market!

  • It’s absolutely stunning

There’s no denying it: timber looks incredible on the home or business. Timber blends in seamlessly with surrounding nature (obviously!), and in Australia it is famed for giving homes that charming, coastal beach town look that makes for a dream aesthetic.

  • It is highly sustainable

As a naturally renewable material that can continually be replaced as trees grow, this is a truly sustainable option. Another wonderful environmental benefit is that it is carbon neutral, meaning that their trees naturally release oxygen upon Co2 absorption, making it a fantastic emissions balance.

Your provider should ensure that their timber is sustainably sourced and produced using eco-friendly processes, as this ensures that you are truly choosing an environmentally-friendly option for your home or commercial build.

  • It has numerous health benefits

The best timber cladding Australia has is famous for commercial and educational builds and for very good reason: it has been proven to come with a range of health benefits including enhanced productivity and reduced stress. Architects always impress when designing state and governmental facilities, as well as the classically contemporary Aussie beach home!

  • It is incredibly dynamic

You don’t have to install timber just as strips of wood on a home, instead using it in a range of fantastic ways, including a variety of finishes and profiles depending on what you want to build! There are a huge range of applications for this material, including timber shingles for your roof! Not only this, there are a huge range of fantastic patterns that you can incorporate timber, making it one of the most dynamic building materials available!

  • It changes over time (but in the most stunning of ways)

Yes, the best timber cladding Australia has will change as the years go by. This is due to environmental conditions and is perfectly normal. It may sound problematic, but weathering can actually increase the property’s beauty, giving it a gorgeous grey hue that blends in perfectly with its original brown colour.

However, if you’re not too keen on weathering your timber, then there are a range of treatment options available that can slow the process. But we personally think either way is great, especially as timber is such a beautiful material that only becomes more charming with time!

As you can see, timber is easily one of the most charming, sustainable and reliable building materials on the Aussie market. You can trust that it will provide your home or commercial property with years of stunning versatility, not to mention giving it that charming, beachy Aussie look that will always be so desirable!

These are the reasons why you’re onto a real winner with this beautiful building material.

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