The Best Ways to Reduce Germs in Your Home During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for most people. It has led to us spending more time in our homes and worrying about the best ways to keep them clean and stopping the virus from spreading. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

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Cleaning Solutions

Start by washing your surfaces down with some good old-fashioned soap and water. This will help to kill off any bacteria that is lurking around. Once you have done that you can use a bleach solution to make sure that you are extra safe. Now it is just a case of keeping your surfaces sanitized in this way by cleaning regularly.


Don’t forget that your cleaning tools need to be kept bacteria-free too, otherwise you could be spreading germs from one area of your home to another without even realizing it. Clean your sponges and dishcloths in the washing machine on a hot temperature regularly to help keep the virus at bay. A great solution here is to use disposable wipes or paper towels so that you can just throw them away after use. This means that you will not be at risk of spreading germs.

Vacuum More Regularly

Crumbs often fall on carpets and this can spread bacteria. Increase the number of times you vacuum the house while the pandemic is raging, and you will reduce the risk of it spreading via your carpets. The amount you decide to vacuum will depend on how much use a room gets but to keep it extra clean, vacuuming every other day is recommended.

Frequent Touch Areas

Some areas in your home will be touched more than others. However, these are the places that are easy to overlook when carrying out regular cleaning. Light switches, plug switches, door handles, TV remotes and handrails are all areas that we touch frequently without even realizing. Clean these areas regularly and you decrease the risk of spreading infection between members of your family.


Most people have gotten used to wearing masks when they leave the house. It can almost feel as if you are not properly dressed if you are not wearing one now. However, it is still unusual to wear a mask when you open the front door. Traffic to your front door has probably increased during the pandemic as shopping online has gained rapidly in popularity. Most homes see a greater number of delivery drivers than ever before and yet people don’t wear masks when they open the door to all these strangers. Keep a mask by the front door and pop it on when you hear the doorbell to make sure you don’t risk bringing germs back into your home.

Nothing is foolproof when it comes to spreading germs and coronavirus around at the moment. However, follow these tips to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading and it will help to keep you and your family safer during the current crisis and beyond.

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