The breezy team: 5 things to ask your air conditioner service

Servicing your air conditioner is imperative to keeping it in top functionality. This is especially so in Melbourne, where every summer a run of sultry summer days forces us into running our units on a near 24-hour cycle! These wonderful conveyors of cool – like other essential technology – are susceptible to problems over time, and so if we want them to provide optimal air flow in the balmier months then we must have them serviced on the odd occasion!

But how do you find the best team in the business? How can you be sure your air con crew is the one to provide the most efficient service?

You can start by asking them these questions:

  1. How long have you been in the business?

 When it comes to the best air conditioning Bentleigh has, you want to service it by a team who has been in the industry for many years. Why? Because you can trust that they have dealt with every issue you can think of, from refrigerant leaks to drainage issues, sensor stuff ups and more.

And, if they have seen every industry issue, you can trust that they have likely fixed said issue, too! So you know that if the team has been providing this service for many a year then you likely trust that they will fix your machine without too many hiccups.

  1. What machines do you service?

 Carrying on with experience, you also want to know that the team has the skillset to fix your particular machine. Although this imperative technology comes with a pretty standard mechanism, the truth is that no two models or manufacturers are the same, and so you want to be sure that your prospective team has the skills to fix your model without any problems.

After all, there is no point selecting an “expert” to come around only to quickly be able to tell that they have never seen your model before – you’re only going to have to call the real expert later on!

  1. What do you think the problem may be?

 An experienced professional will likely be able to tell what the problem is just by having a chat with you about your model. So, feel free to tell them what you think is going on and use this as a way to gauge their experience level. If they umm and ahh about what could be the problem it is likely that they don’t have the experience to provide your model with a proper service, as any good technician can most likely tell the problem just from a quick chat about said problem!

  1. How much will it cost?

 It may be impossible to give you a direct quote over the phone, but a reputable technician should at least be able to give you an idea of how much it will cost to fix your model.

  1. When can you pop round?

 If it’s the height of summer and your model is busted then you probably don’t want to be waiting until autumn for the air conditioner technician to provide their service. So, once you can gauge that they are a reputable technician with the skills to fix the issue, it is then time to ask when they can come and provide their service.

If they are too busy to come and provide a resolution for your busted model then you really shouldn’t have to wait for their schedule to free up – next!

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