The Freshest Fun: 4 Questions To Ask Your Prospective Pool Builders

The great Aussie pool is an amenity we all dream of for our backyards. The moment we dive into this grand refresher creates a feeling of summertime fun that is hard to recreate elsewhere, not to mention the ultimate cooldown on a gnarly January day!

But not all pool builders are built the same, and you need the very best team in the biz to ensure your piscina is perfect.

With this in mind, here are four questions to ask your Northern Beaches pool builders to ensure that they have the skills to create a sublime swim!

  • How much industry experience do you have?

Because any industry expert should have at least a few years of experience in creating these summer essentials. Seriously, the right team will be able to regale all kinds of tales about their years servicing Sydney homes with the most stunning swimming spots, and will be able to take one look at your garden and give you a grand idea of how they are going to go about producing one for you, too!

Experience is essential in this industry, especially when it comes to design, measurements and materials – don’t allow some DIY hobby type masquerading as a professional to create something that will not only give you future headaches, but could actually be very dangerous, too…

  • What do you have in mind for our garden?

As aforementioned, the perfect team will have the necessary skills and experience to take a look at your garden and be able to visualise something uniquely superb. The right refresher, the stunning swimming spot, a dream summer simmer down can only be produced by people who have a natural talent with the industry experience to follow.

Therefore, a team with talent will be more than capable of looking at your garden and knowing what will be ideal for it. They will see your backyard as a blank canvas; a living canvas in which they can add their own unique artist’s touch, and where you can trust that they will be able to paint the perfect pool into your garden like they were the John Singer Sergent of Sydney swimming pool solidifiers.

  • Do you have a rough idea of the price?

Because any experienced builder will certainly be able to give you even the roughest price estimate. Why? Because they have built many swimming spots, and this means that they should always have a rough idea of how much work and material will go into building your specific design, too.

But this doesn’t mean it’s the overall quote, as you can still inquire about a general price before receiving a thorough consultation and one that is complete with a full quote on the service. The quote can come later, but they should still be able to provide you with a rough idea of the price module.

  • Can we see examples of your other work?

Because if they can’t show you – or worse, refuse to show you – examples of their previous work then this is a serious red flag that should be avoided at all costs! Why? Because a quality builder with years of experience under their belts also has years of examples under their belts, too!

And trust us, any landscape architect who isn’t proud enough to show off their extraordinary work is a landscape architect with whom you don’t want to waste your time – so get those examples in and be sure that the style matches what you want for your home!

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