The Home Features That Will Wow Your Guests

Opening your home to guests can be an opportunity to build confidence. Knowing that certain design choices and especially chosen items of furniture will be flattered by visitors can be a great way to confirm your eye for style. However, by the same token, acting as a host can be a source of anxiety, knowing that your home will be scrutinised and, if not kept up to a certain standard, will leave your guests with a bad impression not only of your hosting ability but also your home.

To ensure that you avoid this and that your home hits the mark, we’ve drawn the top tips from interior designers across the industry and selected the most impressive and essential home features that will wow your guests. So, before you start handing out invites, be sure to check out the following interior design advice!

The Social Hub

Put your energy into the social hub of the house, whether this is the lounge, dining room, or kitchen. If your guests will be spending the majority of their time in one place, it has to stand out. Beyond creating impressive decor, it must also be effortlessly practical. This means, ensuring that there is ample room, suitable storage space for shoes and bags, as well as an obvious design for navigation. If your guests have to hover, unsure of where to sit or put their drink, they won’t feel comfortable.

Comfort In Privacy

Sharing a living space is a wonderful experience but benefits from being complemented with the option for privacy. Within a home, this manifests as a guest room that allows visitors to rest and find respite without feeling imposing or imposed upon. Some homes make use of spare rooms for the utility, while others create outbuildings and garden log cabins as decadent alternatives. Regardless of how it is achieved, however, be sure that you are able to offer some privacy to your guests or find them quickly looking to leave.

A Few Indulgences

The necessities of an overnight stay should be treated with luxury. Towels and bedsheets should be soft and clean, rooms should be perfumed with fragrances, and amenities such as shampoo and conditioner should be indulgent. These small details will make a huge difference to the favour of your guests.

Smart Home Gadgets

Improving your home’s comfort and utility through technology is a great way to impress guests. Lights that turn off when you exit the room, for example, is a neat and easily achievable feature that still leaves visitors astounded. Others, such as hot water taps and USB wall chargers are comparably small smart home assets but nonetheless effective, showcasing how simple things can be.

Offer Abundance

Having food and drink ready to offer in abundance will alleviate the pressure off of meals and will allow your guests to satisfy their own eating habits. Pantries, full fridges, and stocked cupboards are great ways to effortlessly cater to guests, enabling them to feel at home and help themselves.

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