Top Gas Heater Safety Tips

As winter approaches, the use of gas heaters is going to rise, as it does each and every year. What will also be on the rise are the number of fires across the country which we see caused by misuse of gas heaters, which is what we are going to discuss today. Companies offering fire equipment services release statistics each and every year pertaining to this, as well as encouraging people to be safer when they are using gas heaters. We are going to double down on that information and share with you here, how you can make sure that you use the gas heater in a safe manner.

One Meter Zone

As obvious as it sounds, you should be looking to create a one meter exclusion zone around the heater which is completely free from people and clutter. Most fires which break out from gas heaters are caused because there was something flammable within this one meter zone. Additionally children and pets should be kept out of this zone for their own safety.

Switching Off

Another very common reason why these heaters can cause a fire is that they are left unattended for a long period of time. These heaters are not designed for exceptionally long use, which is why you should always ensure that you use the timer, so that it will switch off if you forget to do it.

Covering Up The Heater

If you get into the habit of placing items on top of the heater then you are running a big risk with regards to fires. Not only do these heaters generate a lot of heat at the top of the system, they also have an outlet which allows air to escape, maintaining a steady temperature. If you block these vents you could cause a fire, or if you place items on the heater which can ignite then you will also be in danger of sparking a large fire.

Fire Equipment

Given the potential risks which a gas heater can bring, it makes perfect sense for you to have some fire safety equipment on hand, just in case things go wrong. A fire blanket is a great option here, which can ensure that any dangers from the fire can be swiftly extinguished before it causes an even bigger problem.

Checking Vents

A fire is not the only danger that a gas heater brings, there is also the danger of gas poisoning. This is exactly why you need to make sure that you have vents in the home which are not blocked up and which can allow for air and gases to flow out of the home. If vents are blocked air is not going to be able to circulate and this can cause you a great deal of risk.

If you are in any doubt at all about the condition of your heater, the potential risks which you have in the home or how to use the heater, call out a gas and fire specialist who will be able to help you to use the heater in the safest way possible.

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