Understanding Wine Racks And Their Types

With more interested folks starting to build their own wine collections and interest in the activity, confusion arises as to the purchase of units to store wine safely yet aesthetically. This is where a wide range of interesting options are to be explored. There are ways in which one can store wine in the best way while ensuring maintenance of quality and adding to the interior of your home simultaneously. Here is how you can devise the perfectly suited wine display to add to the image of your home and boost your ambiance.

Why do you need a wine rack?

In spite of being safely held in a pretty bottle, the wine within requires certain conditions to maintain its quality and taste over time. Hence, it is crucial that you store your bottles in a safe location that is free from excessive heat and vibration. Exposure to such adverse conditions could tamper with the composition of your wine, resulting in irreversible changes in the taste and flavor notes.

Also, wine racks help you store your bottles horizontally. This is an unwritten rule which is common with almost every person involved with the handling of wine. The reason behind this is to prevent the cork from drying up too much. If that occurs, it might cause your wine to age prematurely.

With an appropriately designed wine rack that perfectly suits your home and its decor, you are provided with several added perks, the most important being the visually pleasing means of space utilization. This boosts your interior design effortlessly while displaying your hobby, hence providing a personalized yet classy touch to your setting. A wine rack also allows you to save space and make use of it wisely.

Types of wine racks

1.     Countertop wine racks

These are wine table racks that can be simply placed upon your existing kitchen counter and mantels. This option is best suited for placing wine bottles that are to be accessed easily, like in the case of parties, wine-tasting events, or for a relaxing glass after work. This is a rather flexible option for keeping your bottles and comes with options to house any number of bottles. There are stackable options as well, allowing you to use proper placement strategies to use space effectively.

2.     Hanging wine racks

These elegant options involve suspending the wine cabinets from ceilings, cabinets, etc. The design aspects of such cabinets are done with extreme caution and care to provide safe installation and usage. It does take a bit of added work, but the end result and the amount of space it saves make it completely worth it.

3.     Wall mounted racks

A wall-mounted wine rack is a classic option, with racks designed and constructed to fit on your walls. This adds to the decor significantly, serving as a piece of mounted art on its own. Depending upon your needs, your wall-mounted wine storage units could be small ones that hold 4-5 bottles or could extend to cover an entire wall.

4.     Floor wine racks

This could be a good option, provided that your ambiance allows for its huge scale. This is one of the most preferred options for highly driven enthusiasts with huge collections, and in the case of businesses.


Wine collectors have always been around, though, as a very small group of people, even countable. However, almost everyone is aware of wine collection as a hobby, making it clear that it is one of the most sophisticated and artistic hobbies to exist. Being one of the most underrated yet deeply enjoyed fields, wine collection and storage has finally started gathering the attention it deserves.

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