Using The Power Of Color Psychology In Kitchen Design

Picking out new colors for the kitchen can be challenging. As you’re perusing through a pile of color swatches or maybe considering a contrasting wallpaper, be sure to keep color theory in mind. With the power to evoke strong feelings or put household members at ease, the psychology of color is not only interesting, but could be constructive in your search as well. Below, we’ll explore the basics of color theory to help get your kitchen color update started.

There is a lot of research behind the various concepts of color psychology, including studies on how to utilize it in home décor. This involves color theory, which is the practical application of hues, shades and tones to put those psychological concepts into effect.

One of the more interesting data points to come from such research is how color in the kitchen can impact cooking, appetite and even cleaning habits. For instance, some warm colors — such as yellow and orange — can make us feel energized and joyful. As the kitchen is often the core of the house, having such mood-boosting color choices as part of the design could directly affect the household as well as your guests.

Want to learn more about kitchen color theory? Check out the accompanying resource for further information.

Kitchen Color Theory from George Apap Painting, a provider of professional painting services

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