Wallpaper removal process

Wallpaper has become the order in which people can easily change their interior into different shades and themes. The materials you will need for your wallpaper home removal; are a wallpaper scoring tool, an electric kettle to boil water, a fabric softener, a screwdriver, safety glasses, painter’s tape, and a garbage can with a car liner.

Steps to follow through your wallpaper removal process

  1. Cover your floors and electric outlet

Part of the wallpaper process is to ensure that you protect your floors and an electric outlet. The best way is to lay down a plastic painter’s tarp and put painter’s tape to secure it on the floor and ensure it does not move. You can place tape over the electric socket to ensure that they are all protected.

  1. Pry out your wallpaper

Most wallpapers usually have a different outer material which may be vinyl, textile, bamboo or paper, which is less adhesive compared to the inner one, which is generally paper and more adhesive. Your wallpaper removal process begins with using a rigid putty knife or a scraper. With the knife, look for the edge of the wallpaper and, if possible, peel off the wallpaper, or you can scrape off the wallpaper using a scraper. Your wallpaper might come out in sheets, but if it doesn’t, then you will need to spend time scraping it off.

  1. Get a scoring tool and score your wallpaper

Most wallpapers require you to apply a hot water solution to the paper and any other adhesive backing so that you can reactivate the adhesive and allow the piece to soak off and come out. Some wallpapers that are put in the kitchen or the bathroom are waterproof, and therefore water might not work on them. You must get a scoring tool which will only require you to apply minimal pressure to run the scoring tool over the wallpaper. Applying touch pressure might lead to the scoring tool piercing through the wallpaper and scratching the plaster or paint, which will leave you with more work and extra costs once you have removed your wallpaper.

  1. Mix hot water solution

After running the scoring tool over the wallpaper, you can apply the hot water solution. The hot water solution is prepared in two simple ways.

  • Mix fabric softener with hot water.
  • Mix household vinegar with hot water

The most crucial ingredient is hot water, and the type of solution you decide to make depends on the sort of your wallpaper. It is essential to protect your eyes by putting on safety goggles and ensuring that you have a garbage can near you to put in the pieces of wallpaper that you remove.

  1. Apply your hot water solution

Spray your wall using your pressure sprayer filled with your water solution. Let it soak for a few minutes, about three, and then use your scraper to pry the wet wallpaper from the end. You can pull out your wallpaper in sheets, and you must work through your wall while it is damp; in case you see a dry side, you can spray one more time.


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