What colour roof is most popular?

A roof is the highlight of your home. Therefore, it is imperative to pay extra attention to your roof’s quality, design, and color if you want your house to stand out. If you are wondering how to revamp your metal roofing, opting for a color change will be your best bet.

Top Three Popular Colors for Metal Roofing

1. Neutral Tones –

You must have witnessed the inundation of neutral-toned roofs in your neighborhood. The primary reason homeowners resort to natural shades like brown, khaki, and beige is savings. Moreover, lighter neutral shades of brown and beige on your roof mean that they reflect more UV light and keep your home cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters. Natural tones are your best bet if you want to play it safe and save some money while revamping your metal roofing.

2. Greenish Hues –

The most popular greenish metal roofing color in the market currently is light green. A light-toned green for roofs does not look as stark as other brighter shades of green like baby blue or turquoise. Green colors like moss green and forest green are gaining widespread popularity as roof colors. They look elegant, professional, and also a tad bit risqué.

3. Light Blue –

We need blues in our lives only for metal roofing. Shades of blue like sky blue, cyan, and even dark blue have a cult following among homeowners, and they are primarily utilized to add warmth and aesthetics to an otherwise dull-looking home. Blue metal roofing can instantly brighten up your house and provide it with a zestful contrast.

Now that we talked about the top three most popular roof colors, let us look at some tips that might help you choose the right roof shade for your home.

Tips to Choose the Right Roof Color

·         Avoid Overly Bright Colors –

If you have a very traditional home that reeks of rusticity, then we suggest that you stay away from bright and popping shades for your roof. Choose a roof color that complements the walls of your house and its overall tones. Play around with the color wheel to find the optimal match for your wall colors and roof.

·         Go for a Dark Neutral to Stay Safe –

If the style of your home does not dictate a particular color, go for a neutral dark tone for your roof. Dark neutral roofing is perfect for the quintessential American home.

·         Choose Your Roof Color Wisely If You Have a Brick Home –

Most brick or stone homes do not change color frequently, so choose a roofing shade that complements the initial color of your brick home.

·         Customization to the Rescue –

A lot of the time, you may find it challenging to come across a roof that aptly matches the look, tone, and aesthetic of your house. It is in such a context that customization comes to the rescue. Customized roof colors are the best for new homeowners who want to ensure that their house stands out from the crowd.

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