What is pipe testing?

Hydrostatic testing aka pipeline testing is to test the integrity of a pipeline. This is in the creation stage as well as during pipeline maintenance. The products used during this process are called pipeline plugs and testers. Field pressure testing PE pipelines require a special approach due to the creep response, stress relaxation of the material. When a PE pipe is sealed at test pressure, there may be pressure decay, even in a leak-free system due to the continued expansion of the pipe through the test period. Refer to legislation AS/NZS 2033 and AS/NZS 2566.2 for additional information. Frequent testing is required for safety compliance standards and increasing the lifespan of the pipelines, leading to reduced costs and a high quality product with maximum flow.


Pipe testing Adelaide is performed using some or more of the following specialised tools:

  • Internal Weld Testers and Flange Weld Testers are used to test the integrity of a new flange weld and internal weld.
  • Low and Medium Pressure Plugs use for isolation and hydrostatic testing.
  • High Pressure Test Plugs ensure that pipe work isolations can be undertaken safely using our proven technologies.
  • A Dual Tool is used for Pipeline Isolation & Pipeline Testing.

Do not attempt it without consulting a professional.


Pipeline testing is an essential element of running any pipelines to maximum operating efficiency and consequent maximum profitability. It allows the transferrable asset owners to maintain maximum flow through a pipeline without losing product through leaks, reducing flow as a result of blockages, build up, debris as well as ensuring a high quality product. Pipe testing Adelaide pigging is an integral process within pipeline maintenance. Pigging will be used to clean, investigate, problem solve and maintain pipelines with powerful benefits for longevity as well as the quality of the medium in the pipeline. When provisioning maintenance, the role of the pipeline pig is to keep the inside of the pipeline debris-free, remove clogs and deposits and monitor the condition of the line (using indicators such as speed of pigging). Regular pigging and pipe testing are encouraged to make sure the pipeline is operating efficiently. If debris and build up is removed and problems are rectified, the quality of the product is improved, and the speed of flow is increased. This leads to higher production of a better product which ultimately generates a greater profit margin.  Additionally, regular pipe testing Adelaide is used for safety compliance standards and increasing the lifespan of the pipelines which also leads to reduced costs in resolving urgent problems and a high quality product.

Pipeline testing uses pressure indicators to assess the integrity of a pipeline. After construction or repair, it’s very important to make sure that the product will not be lost through leaks and structural damage. Pipeline isolation is used to section off a piece of pipeline for repair. The product section is isolated from the section using Pipeline Plugs. After the repair has been assessed and completed, the section of pipeline will undergo hydrostatic testing to ensure the pipeline’s integrity.


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