Why solar energy should be your next investment

Investing in solar energy

Climate change and renewable energy has never been such a priority, and with more people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, solar panels are increasingly popular. Getting a solar PV system installed is cheaper than ever, and with some careful maintenance, can power your home for 25-30 years. Here are five great reasons to invest in solar energy.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

One of the main reasons for investing in solar panels is to reduce your emissions. Around one third of the electricity from the National Grid is produced using natural gas, so it’s not as sustainable as it may seem. By having a solar PV system and battery installed, you could come off the grid completely, making your electricity usage carbon neutral.

  • Save money on bills

Energy bills are at a 41-year high, and although costs are gradually starting to reduce, many people are still finding their electricity bills steep. Investing in solar panels enables you to power your home sustainably during daylight hours, only relying on the grid at night. Of course, if you have a battery installed too, you can come off the grid completely and even sell excess energy back to it.

  • Take advantage of lower installation costs

Over the past decade, the technology and materials needed for solar panels have become more prolific. That means the costs of hiring a solar PV specialist and having a system installed has dropped by almost 90 per cent. What’s more, the efficiency of new systems has increased by over 5 per cent in recent years, and panels can capture more energy than previously. In short, there has never been a better time to invest, or get such good value from your system.

  • Increase the value of your home

Today’s homeowners appreciate the value of sustainable energy. As such, solar panels have the capacity to increase the value of your property. One study found that sale prices for homes with solar systems were 14 per cent higher than those without them, adding as much as £40,000 to property values. Many buyers now look for eco credentials, so having a renewable energy source in place will make your home more competitive if you’re looking to sell.

  • Low maintenance

One of the perks of solar panels is that once your solar PV installers have been over to fit your system, there’s very little maintenance required. Many people choose to have an annual service just like you would with a boiler. This ensures debris, dust, leaves and bird droppings are removed and that the panels are working at their most efficient. Aside from this, you can more or less leave them be.

Solar panels are a smart investment for many reasons, and with an emphasis on a sustainable future, now is the perfect time to get your system fitted. If you’re in the southeast of England, check out the reputable solar PV installers in Kent and the surrounding counties and book a site visit.

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